IBM UrbanCode Deploy + IBM Rational Test Virtualization Server + IBM Pure Applications Server = DevOps on Steroids

One of the things I got to do at the Impact conference this week was to host a workshop called “Accelerate Delivery with DevOps with IBM UrbanCode Deployed on IBM PureApplication System” with Robbie Minshall and Anujay Bidla.  Although the title didn’t mention test virtualization, that was a key part of the workshop, too.  Each student would get their own application environment on PureApps – a WebSphere Liberty server.  They would each get to create a virtual service in Rational Test Workbench, so they would each get an instance of an RTW workstation as well.  We planned on 40 attendees so we had 40 instances of each.  The PureApps environment also included one instance of an UrbanCode Deploy server as well as the Rational Test Virtualization Server shared service. We were pretty pleased with the workshop activities we had planned.  We understood the powerful potential of combining a DevOps approach (including automated deployment and service virtualization) with the PureApps platform.  But we honestly thought it was sort of a niche area that would not interest that many people.  Shows what we know.

On Sunday evening when we did a final lab checkout, I pulled up my handy Impact conference mobile app and discovered we had over 150 people that had selected our session.  <gulp>  But then we thought, “Oh, lots of people just click a session just to add it to their schedule and then decide on something else later.”  Sure, sounds good.

On Monday morning, people poured into the room when the doors opened.  All the machines were taken in a matter of seconds and the 30 or so extra seats in the room were filled in a few more seconds.  My guess is we had probably 85 people attend the session.  We were thrilled with the turnout and with how the workshop went off.  Lots of folks saw the incredible potential for shortening delivery cycles, improving quality and improving repeatability in testing and deploying their applications.

Fortunately, Robbie had the forethought to capture everything we were doing on a page on the Jazz Deployment wiki.  This turned out to be brilliant since all the folks that couldn’t get a seat at a machine have a way to see what the others did.  And, any of you can too.  Go to the wiki page and read through the setup material.  You can download the workbook script to see the specific steps we took in our hands-on activities.  With only an hour to work with, we obviously had to pre-build lots of things and skip over some steps so we captured many of those as videos that you can watch as well.

Take 15 minutes and check out the material on the wiki and learn the value of DevOps and Pure Application Systems.


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