What happens in Vegas…

I’m in Las Vegas this week for the IBM Impact conference.  This has traditionally been the conference of the WebSphere brand but it is amazing to me how the lines between the IBM brands have been blurred… and I say, “It’s about time.”  Our concern shouldn’t be about this brand versus that brand, but about providing solutions to difficult problems that our customers have.  From my view, DevOps is causing that light bulb to switch on in our heads.

DevOps is everywhere at Impact.  There are tons of sessions on software delivery in both traditional and mobile environments.  @dancberg was even part of the Monday main keynote, demonstrating UrbanCode Deploy on stage in the context of fixing a mobile bug real-time.  (Unintentionally, the keynote also demonstrated the importance of considering what happens to a hotel conference wifi when you suddenly bring 5,000 users active on social media into the room all at once.)

The keynote also featured the demonstration of IBM Mobile Quality Assurance, a new mobile test management solution for crowd-sourced manual testing.  MQA is currently in open beta and is FREE to use.  It is a Software as a Service offering so there is nothing to download nor install to get started.  I am very excited about MQA, not only because of what it can do to help organizations produce better mobile apps, but because it represents a new way of delivering solutions to our customers through SaaS.  I’ll be blogging about MQA more in the next few weeks, but I really encourage anyone developing mobile apps to sign up for the beta and give it a try.


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