No Nonsense – No, I really mean it

You may have noticed the new “No Nonsense Tech Talk” logo on the right side of my blog page and wondered what that is all about.  My Emerging Technologies team has decided to “brand” ourselves.  Well, I certainly hope it isn’t as formal or stuffy as that might sound.  In fact, it is quite the opposite.  We really have two motives for doing this and I hope you will see the benefits.

Our primary goal is to make IBM’s clients successful in developing, testing and deploying software.  Now I’m sure there is no secret who we all work for.  Yes, we work for IBM.  We do believe IBM has some of the best solutions in the software development market and we want to make sure you get every bit of value out of those solutions. But to be clear, our Emerging Technologies team is focused on client success, not IBM sales.  With emerging technologies, you are working on the bleeding edge and sometimes applying our software to problems that weren’t envisioned when we built the stuff.  In those cases, you don’t need another IBM sales pitch.  You need someone with clear technical advice that helps you get your job done.  Sometimes that might mean advising you to do things differently than the documentation says.  It might even mean advising you to use open source or competitive offerings to close gaps in our solutions.  So “No Nonsense” means we are going to be straight with you, even if it isn’t flattering to our employer.

Secondly, we figure that if you are an innovator and using one of our emerging technology solutions, it’s likely you may be struggling with challenges in other emerging technologies.  So take a look at my No Nonsense Tech Talk Community widget on the right side of this page.  You’ll see links to blogs of experts in several other areas we cover.  Check ’em out if you are looking for no-nonsense advice in DevOps, RTCz or one of the other technologies.


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