Mobile Testing – Proven techniques to use when apps just have to work

The Official Rational User Community

A couple weeks back, I had the privilege to participate in a panel discussion with John Montgomery, VP of Project Delivery at uTest and Yoram Mizrachi, Founder of Perfecto Mobile.  We chatted about why testing mobile apps is fundamentally different – in fact, harder – than testing more traditional software systems.  We talked a lot about challenges but also spent a fair bit of time on how to address those challenges.  Agile techniques, automated testing tools, device clouds, crowdsourcing and many other things must come together if a test team expects to keep up with the pace of Mobile these days.  We each also took a shot at predicting the future by speculating on what we think the next big challenge to mobile development and testing will be.

I really enjoyed the chance to talk with a couple of the brightest minds in Mobile Testing.  Give the recording a listen on the Rational User Community site (if you aren’t already a member, take a few minutes to join and get on their notification list for future events.


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